The Practice

CEN is a holistic, professional development and training for education professionals and PLCs that combines mindfulness and social justice pedagogy. The method is based on the premise that we are agents of change through our education practice when we are self-actualized, conscious and skillful at creating peak learning experiences for ourselves and our students.

Peak Learning Experience (PX): Peak Learning Experiences occur when all three domains of human experience are activated—Personal, Social and Transpersonal. In order to design for PX, you must acquire wisdom and skill through the study of mindfulness, education and social justice pedagogy. This involves a training of the mind, body and spirit while simultaneously applying specific strategies and tools to curriculum and instruction.

Holistic Learning and The Three Domains: Essential to holistic teaching and learning is the development of awareness and critical consciousness. We need to know the function of each domain of our human experience, how they work together and how they impact our ability to learn and experience well-being in society. The goal of the Master Teacher in a holistic learning environment is to create the conditions for a calm and receptive mind for learning, to build trust and safe spaces with others across difference and to cultivate a sense of utility and togetherness in society.