I work with individuals and groups to raise awareness and support social transformation through education. I focus on mindfulness, creativity and agency by exploring how we express our intention through language, individual behavior and social interactions.
The goal is to expand consciousness and bring forth our best self in all that we do– at work, at home and in society. No matter what age or life circumstance, you can learn to look at yourself and the world with novelty and purpose.
My holistic integrative approach combines mindfulness, social justice pedagogy, coaching and leadership. This entails creating safe space, practicing compassionate listening, thoughtful and provocative questioning and practical activities that sharpen our awareness, enhance our sense of purpose and improve our capacity to determine the shape and content of our personal and professional life by direct action.
Each of us has the innate capacity for goodness. We all want to love and be loved, to live a life of curiosity and passion. We can learn skills and behaviors that build learning spaces where we are free and safe to bring out our greatest expression of Self into the world.