CEN (Conscientious ENgagement) is a philosophy and set of practices that lead to self-actualization and a commitment to social responsibility and justice. It ensures that we are in the best position to teach and work together across differences to build a fair and ethical society.

The method is especially designed for teachers and education practitioners. It draws from the fields of education, mindfulness and social justice pedagogy. It is based on the premise that we can only be agents of change when we are self-actualized, critically conscious and equipped with the knowledge and skill to create Peak Learning Experiences for others.

A Peak Learning Experience is when we become aware of a truth and our infinite potential and capability to determine the shape and content of our lives through wisdom and mastery. Designing for Peak Learning Experience involves employing diverse modalities that aim to stimulate the mind-body-spirit, while creating the conditions for safe and authentic human interaction.

Three Domains for Peak Learning Experience

Chapter 2 Three Domains Graphic

  1. Personal Awareness and Self Mastery leads to Authentic Presence
  2. Social Awareness and Adaptability leads to Freedom
  3. Transpersonal Awareness and Agency leads to Emergence



“A master teacher is conscious of our basic goodness, is disciplined and knowledgeable about how to identify and develop potential and recognizes that integral to teaching is shepherding others through change and adaptability.”