There are three fundamental practices of Conscientious Engagement (CE). They are:

Authentic Presence – Integrating one’s mind, body and spirit in order to inspire and communicate purpose

Freedom – Choosing to engage or disengage in order to move in alignment with your life’s purpose

Emergence – Channeling energy in order to integrate new ideas for equity

These practices require an awareness of the nature of thoughts and language, the social-emotional-spiritual dynamics of relationships and how we channel and conserve energy.

Behaviors are often driven by our fundamental beliefs or mindset. The CE framework is based on the following beliefs:

Spirit Consciousness – Every human being is made up of mind, body and spirit and has access to divine intelligence

Entanglement – We are entangled with some people more than others and these relationships impact our behavior in the world

Meliorism – Through human effort, we can imagine and build a better world

CE can be developed by engaging in daily routines that will lead you down the pathway to consciousness, personal transformation and outer change.

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