July 10 2018

New York City Men Teach Summer Institute, City University of New York

Workshop Topic: Advancing Teacher Diversity and Culturally Responsive Education

Overview: This workshop provided Program Managers with a rationale and strategy for retaining and developing a diverse teacher workforce equipped with the knowledge and skill needed for culturally responsive education. 

April 7, 2018 

Frontier Education Conference, 26 Broadway, New York City

Keynote: Conscientious Teaching and Leading



Past Events

February 11-13, 2018 New Teacher Center’s 20th National Symposium
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, California

Topic: Encouraging Teacher Authenticity and Agency for Equity

2017 Summer Conference Association of Teacher Educators held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Topic: Research Design for Conscientious Teacher Education

September 23-24th, 2017

Eighth Annual Reflective Conference on Education to Globalize the Human Mind

University of Waterloo, Ontario

Topic: A Framework for Conscientious Engagement