Our world’s greatest leaders had a deep understanding of the role of the human spirit in the fight for human rights, social justice, freedom, educating a citizenry with mutual respect and all that is required if we are to build and sustain a humane, democratic society.  Individuals such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Einstein, Steiner, Mandela, Dewey, Montessori, Malcolm X, for example had a deep sense of purpose, an ability to communicate and inspire others, and ways to channel energy in such a way that they shifted our collective consciousness and changed the world. merge Ce

Conscientious Engagement is a pathway for teachers, coaches, leaders to develop a greater understanding of how we can activate the mind, body and spirit in our work in education. It is about understanding the critical role of the human spirit in all transformation. It is a framework by which individuals and groups can explore the nature of thought and language, the social-emotional dynamics of relationships and our attachments and how we can channel energy in ways that move us away from divisive ideologies, implicit bias and false narratives that often dominate our thinking and practice in education.

Each member of our education community deserves to work and thrive in an equitable, holistic learning environment, experience well-being and find joy in intellectual curiosity.




Dr. Raquel Ríos has worked nationally across the US and internationally in Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Puerto Rico as a professional development specialist & instructional designer. Her research and areas of interest are language, critical literacy, equity and human consciousness. She holds a PhD in Educational Leadership from Touro University International, a MS in Elementary Education from Lehman College and a BS in Secondary Foreign Language Education from New York University. Currently, she is an Instructional Designer at New Teacher Center, a national resource on mentoring and coaching for teacher effectiveness located in Santa Cruz, California. She’s been blogging since 2006 under Real World Dialogue, has published on TruthOut and is a member of NYCORE. Raquel lives with her husband and two children in New York City.